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Your local source for screened enclosures.

Have you had enough of those occasions when annoying insects and flies spoil your outdoor activities? Are you tired of cleaning lawn debris and leaves from the pool every other day? Has the Florida weather spoiled your plans of cooking out on the patio? We are North Florida Leisure - a state certified building contractor, and we have more than 25 years of experience in helping homeowners deal with these and other annoyances. We offer professional and affordable screen enclosure solutions with the most highly-rated installation service you will find anywhere else on the market.

North Florida Leisure is a specialist in building aluminum patio screen enclosures, backyard screen enclosures, pool enclosures, and screen rooms in Jacksonville, Florida. Whatever your design idea and preference, we will make sure that we built to the exact specifications shared by you. Whether you have an in-ground pool, an above ground pool, a deck, or a patio, we can get the job done. We have earned the reputation of delivering professionally designed patio enclosures in Jacksonville in our time in this industry – we are a screen room contractor that engineers solutions that can withstand rains and high-speed winds.

All our screen enclosures are made of durable and robust aluminum featuring a high-quality finish that protects them from corrosion, scratches, and weathering. Besides, we use insulated composite roofs, which are powerful and energy-efficient. If you are on a limited budget, we can even design uninsulated roofs for you. We can even help you match your screen enclosure/sunroom/screen room with your home’s exterior by recommending you different siding, brick, and stucco options.

So, what benefits our screen enclosures or screen rooms brings to your property or for that matter your outdoor adventure? Here is a short list.

• More outdoor time with your family – enjoy fresh, bugs-free air;
• Keep out insects and bees that are known to carriers of diseases;
• Enjoy breezy evenings and starry nights with your loved ones;
• Spend less time cleaning the patio and pool area as well as your outdoor furniture;
• Use your pool more often and avoid leaves, debris, bugs, etc;
• Safe and secure rooms with lockable doors.

North Florida Leisure has been helping Florida homeowners save their outdoor paradises for more than two decades and a half. We are very serious about our job and take pride in the excellence of our products and services. Get in touch with us for a high-quality jobs at a competitive price.

We have over 25 years of building experience in the industry and 15 years as a state certified contractor. Our customers know they can rely on our experience. We offer the highest quality service, product and installation available in the market.


We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality product and services to ensure a worry-free experience.


With North Florida Leisure you can expect nothing but the best.

North Florida Leisure enhances lifestyles, one room at a time through custom screen rooms, sunrooms, pool enclosures, pergolas, summer kitchens and more! Our rooms are custom built to blend in seamlessly with your home.

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Most screen rooms and sun rooms are built of high strength aluminum. The benefit of aluminum is durability. These rooms are truly maintenance free and will withstand a lifetime of exposure to the Florida climate.


TYPE 1: Screen Rooms


Traditionally, screen rooms require:

  • A permit for construction,
  • will usually have a solid roof, and
  • can typically be constructed in one to three days.


Most screen rooms will have an insulated composite roof, which is energy efficient and very strong. A cost

efficient alternative is an uninsulated roof. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you let your budget be

your guide when selecting the roof for your new screen room.


Your screen room will usually have a "kick-plate" at the base. Most screen room kick-plates are made of aluminum to

match the screen room color. You can also upgrade your screen room by choosing from siding, stucco or brick to join your new screen room to your homes existing exterior.


Concrete patios and wood decks are the most common support for your new screen room. If you don’t have an existing support, we can customize a deck or patio to accommodate the size and shape of your new screen room.


North Florida Leisure Screen Rooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, without the hassles of unwanted pests and the hot sun. Most screen rooms are constructed of high quality aluminum to allow for a lifetime of maintenance-free enjoyment. The aluminum is available in several colors allowing the screened room to easily match your homes existing exterior.



If you already have a screen room, you can add value to your home and your existing space by adding windows to the existing screen room. Windows are available in glass or vinyl glazing, and are colored to match your existing screen room or patio enclosure. This is a cost effective way to change your existing screen room into an enclosed sunroom.


All of our screen rooms, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and patio covers come with excellent warranties to provide a worry-free investment.

 Call or E-Mail us for a free estimate to find out how affordable a new screen room, sunroom or pool enclosure can be!Screen Room Test

Screen room built by North Florida Leisure


Sunroom built by North Florida Leisure

TYPE 3: Sunroom or Glass Room


A sunroom is a great addition to your home providing extra space for entertaining or letting the kids play. Sunrooms are fully enclosed allowing for temperature control.


Sun rooms and glass rooms are built using the same insulated roof as screen rooms and are available in the same styles; Gable, Peaked (or Pitched), and Mansard. This is important if your goal is to convert an existing screen room into a sunroom. Sunrooms can be designed to have either glass or vinyl windows. These windows will typically slide open to allow for dual function as a screen room, if desired. Screens are standard on all sunrooms. Like a screen room, a sunroom base can be made of several products; siding, brick and stucco are only a few options.


The support of your sunroom must be more substantial than that of a screen room. Most sunrooms will rest on a concrete slab with support footing.


The sunrooms we construct are equipped with electrical outlets. A licensed electrician always performs electrical work. Like a screen room, sunrooms also require a permit.


TYPE 4: Patio Covers and Pergolas


A patio covers and pergolas are great choices for a patio are. Patio covers will provide protection from both the sun and rain, while a pergola is for shade only. A patio cover has the same roof options as a screen room and can have ceiling fans, if desired. Just like a screen room, gutters are standard.

The primary difference between screen room and patio cover is that patio covers are open and therefore do not have screen. Many people will start with a patio cover with the intention of eventually converting to a screen room or sunroom in the future.


Patio covers can be used for carports and boat covers. Though concrete patios or concrete driveways are preferable they are not required. The supports for your new patio cover can be installed in the ground eliminating the need for a foundation.


If you decide to convert your patio cover to a screen room, a foundation can be added to accommodate the your new room.



A pergola is a very popular choice for homeowners wishing to add shade to their outdoor living space using architectural flair. Pergolas can be installed in virtually any location without the need for a foundation.

Pergolas are offered in many styles and colors. Many of our customers choose a screen room or patio and use the pergola for enhancement purposes.


Your new pergola has posts, or support features, which are available in many sizes and styles. Some common areas for a pergola are patios, garden, and pool areas.


Pergola built by North Florida Leisure
Pool enclosure built by North Florida Leisure

TYPE 2: Pool Enclosure or Screened-Roof Enclosure


A pool enclosure can be installed over an in-ground or above-ground pool. These screen enclosures typically have a screen roof, but can be constructed with other see-through products like Lexan™ for additional protection. Lexan™ is a polycarbonate resin that possesses outstanding stability and crystal clarity.


The roofs of pool enclosures come in several types. The most common roof types for pool enclosures are Gable, Pitched (or Peaked), and Mansard. When choosing the roof design, we recommend considering the amount of leaves that may land on the new pool enclosure.


Most pool enclosures and screen roof enclosures are created using screen, from the roof to the floor, with a horizontal chair rail at approximately 36" from the screen wall base. Although a solid base is uncommon for a pool enclosure, many screen roof enclosures do have either brick or stucco at the base. Pool enclosures and other screened roof enclosures are very strong and, built properly, will withstand high winds.


Structural gutters are standard on all North Florida Leisure pool enclosures and screened roof enclosures.


Garage door screens are a great way to make your garage bug and debris free. Available in three styles and colors, they offer convenience without the expense of a full screen room.


Our first style is the easy-to-use, affordable and fully retractable screen unit from Breezy Living screen solutions. This door works seamlessly with your existing garage door and stores completely out of site when not in use.


Our second style is the E-Z breeze slider system. Custom sized to fit your garage opening, this unit slides for convenience to allow for cars entering or leaving the garage.


Our third style is the Titan roll-up screen door. Available in many colors, this motorized unit allows for effortless operation.


Give us a call or E-mail us for convenient appointment.


North Florida Leisure Inc. is ready to meet all of your screen room, sunroom and screen enclosure needs.


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