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TYPE 4: Patio Covers and Pergolas


A patio covers and pergolas are great choices for a patio are. Patio covers will provide protection from both the sun and rain, while a pergola is for shade only. A patio cover has the same roof options as a screen room and can have ceiling fans, if desired. Just like a screen room, gutters are standard.

The primary difference between screen room and patio cover is that patio covers are open and therefore do not have screen. Many people will start with a patio cover with the intention of eventually converting to a screen room or sunroom in the future.


Patio covers can be used for carports and boat covers. Though concrete patios or concrete driveways are preferable they are not required. The supports for your new patio cover can be installed in the ground eliminating the need for a foundation.


If you decide to convert your patio cover to a screen room, a foundation can be added to accommodate the your new room.



A pergola is a very popular choice for homeowners wishing to add shade to their outdoor living space using architectural flair. Pergolas can be installed in virtually any location without the need for a foundation.

Pergolas are offered in many styles and colors. Many of our customers choose a screen room or patio and use the pergola for enhancement purposes.


Your new pergola has posts, or support features, which are available in many sizes and styles. Some common areas for a pergola are patios, garden, and pool areas.


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