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Pool enclosure built by North Florida Leisure

TYPE 2: Pool Enclosure or Screened-Roof Enclosure


A pool enclosure can be installed over an in-ground or above-ground pool. These screen enclosures typically have a screen roof, but can be constructed with other see-through products like Lexan™ for additional protection. Lexan™ is a polycarbonate resin that possesses outstanding stability and crystal clarity.


The roofs of pool enclosures come in several types. The most common roof types for pool enclosures are Gable, Pitched (or Peaked), and Mansard. When choosing the roof design, we recommend considering the amount of leaves that may land on the new pool enclosure.


Most pool enclosures and screen roof enclosures are created using screen, from the roof to the floor, with a horizontal chair rail at approximately 36" from the screen wall base. Although a solid base is uncommon for a pool enclosure, many screen roof enclosures do have either brick or stucco at the base. Pool enclosures and other screened roof enclosures are very strong and, built properly, will withstand high winds.


Structural gutters are standard on all North Florida Leisure pool enclosures and screened roof enclosures.

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