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Most screen rooms and sun rooms are built of high strength aluminum. The benefit of aluminum is durability. These rooms are truly maintenance free and will withstand a lifetime of exposure to the Florida climate.


TYPE 1: Screen Rooms


Traditionally, screen rooms require:

  • A permit for construction,
  • will usually have a solid roof, and
  • can typically be constructed in one to three days.


Most screen rooms will have an insulated composite roof, which is energy efficient and very strong. A cost

efficient alternative is an uninsulated roof. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you let your budget be

your guide when selecting the roof for your new screen room.


Your screen room will usually have a "kick-plate" at the base. Most screen room kick-plates are made of aluminum to

match the screen room color. You can also upgrade your screen room by choosing from siding, stucco or brick to join your new screen room to your homes existing exterior.


Concrete patios and wood decks are the most common support for your new screen room. If you don’t have an existing support, we can customize a deck or patio to accommodate the size and shape of your new screen room.


North Florida Leisure Screen Rooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, without the hassles of unwanted pests and the hot sun. Most screen rooms are constructed of high quality aluminum to allow for a lifetime of maintenance-free enjoyment. The aluminum is available in several colors allowing the screened room to easily match your homes existing exterior.



If you already have a screen room, you can add value to your home and your existing space by adding windows to the existing screen room. Windows are available in glass or vinyl glazing, and are colored to match your existing screen room or patio enclosure. This is a cost effective way to change your existing screen room into an enclosed sunroom.


All of our screen rooms, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and patio covers come with excellent warranties to provide a worry-free investment.

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