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Sunroom built by North Florida Leisure

TYPE 3: Sunroom or Glass Room


A sunroom is a great addition to your home providing extra space for entertaining or letting the kids play. Sunrooms are fully enclosed allowing for temperature control.


Sunrooms and glass rooms are built using the same insulated roof as screen rooms and are available in the same styles; Gable, Peaked (or Pitched), and Mansard. This is important if your goal is to convert an existing screen room into a sunroom. Sunrooms can be designed to have either glass or vinyl windows. These windows will typically slide open to allow for dual function as a screen room, if desired. Screens are standard on all sunrooms. Like a screen room, a sunroom base can be made of several products; siding, brick and stucco are only a few options.


The support of your sunroom must be more substantial than that of a screen room. Most sunrooms will rest on a concrete slab with support footing.


The sunrooms we construct are equipped with electrical outlets. A licensed electrician always performs electrical work. Like a screen room, sunrooms also require a permit.

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